Welcome, Newborn Baby Ella! San Francisco Family Photography

Hey everyone! Happy holidays -- I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving with your loved ones as much as I did. I've slowed down a little with the blogging as you might have been able to tell, but everything else in life has been picking up in complete holiday cheer fashion. November alone provided me with the opportunity to enjoy roughly 25 photoshoots with many beautiful families, and I can't wait to share the fruits of that work in 2017. Not bad for a full-time-momma-slash-full-time-photographer, ya? :)

Speaking of mommas, I wanted to congratulate Sadie and Chris on the arrival of their first born, Ella. She is a dream, and it's easy to see why her parents (and big sister beagle, Remi) have fallen in love. Thank you, Sadie and Chris for inviting me to your home to capture moments in your first weeks together. I look forward to seeing this little girl grow up. x

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our time together: